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Tips for cleaning 3D wall stickers

Date:2020-06-13 11:47 浏览次数:

As a home decoration with unique personal aesthetics, 3D stereo wall stickers are inevitable for us to clean it daily. Good methods can increase the service life of wallpaper and make it more beautiful. Today Linyi Jiamei Decoration Materials will introduce some cleaning techniques for wallpaper cleaning:
1. The dust accumulated on the 3D three-dimensional wall needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to the vacuum cleaner and change the suction head in time.
2. The cleaning agent applied to the 3D three-dimensional wall needs to be diluted, and it can also be treated by injecting spray. The smaller the intensity, the better.
3. When spraying the cleaning agent on the 3D three-dimensional wall, spray it all over now. After waiting for more than ten minutes for the detergent to work, the stains begin to fade and come off.
4. Wipe with a soft dry cotton cloth, the wiping method is in a single direction.